I want to write a book

I want to write a book, I have wanted to write a book for years now. What prevents me from writing my book?  I do not consider myself a creative writer; I do not imagine myself writing a series of Harry Potter books or a classic such as The Great Gatsby.  I want to write about something I know and that would be about me. But I am nobody special, so why write about me?  I have had an interesting life as many others have, so why would anyone want to read about me and my interesting life?  I believe I have something important to say when writing about my life, that maybe someone else can relate to.  But then again, maybe I would just feel good about writing something and having it published even if no one reads it.

Writing a book and having it published would be cool, an accomplishment, something to mark off my ‘To Do’ list.  I was thinking writing an autobiography, but then again maybe a memoir would be better. If it were a memoir and it was written well, than I could always write another one.  Many notes, thoughts and memories I have documented over the years are available just waiting for me to organize and put together into the final writing. So what am I waiting for?

Not sure what I am waiting for; thoughts of starting and not taking the time to finish, or finishing it and having feelings that the result will be a failure.  Abundance of time is available to me, so I cannot use that excuse, and failure is just not receiving an expected result. Fear of failure by no means is a reason to do nothing.

So I make the promise to spend some time every day on writing my book. No matter the excuses I make, the activities in my life, the book will receive attention every day.

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