ME and ADD

ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder

We hear about ADD all the time and now ADHD; kids are diagnosed with these ‘mental disorders’ and they are put on medication. Nothing new here except now many adults are seeking treatment for these same disorders. I have never been officially diagnosed with ADD, but I have suspected based on symptoms and my life experiences and behavior, I must have it. Being a child in the 1960s and having issues in school the labels giving to me were ‘learning disability’ and ‘dyslexia’. These labels stuck in my mind for many years and resulted in many years of behavior and psychological issues. Eventually with more than a decade of psychological therapy, my behavior improved as did my mind, thoughts and self-esteem.   I confronted the disrupted, destructive and harmful labels I received as a young child.

I am not embarrassed to disclose the events of my childhood and my young adulthood and presenting to all; the issues I encountered and the consequences of them. This exploration and expressing of this life of mine is part the reason for my blog and eventually my book.

Back to ADD; I have always had issues with concentrating, staying focus, impulsivity along with some emotional difficulties. As a child this created issues with learning and my self-esteem. As an adult, I learned to deal with and manage the symptoms resulting in a successful career and personal life – I learned to compensate for my weaknesses. Many of the symptoms of ADD I continue to deal with on a daily basis and now that I am officially retired from working, some symptoms are stronger. I believe this is due to the lack of focus I previously had with my job which was motivating, interesting and stimulating. Now with more free time, feelings of not being in a hurry and having no focus, this has created more chaos then calmness in my mind.

I am writing about this subject because I believe through my writing and my documenting of thoughts, I will overcome my mind’s chaos and once again have focus. I enjoy writing my thoughts down, but organizing them into something worth reading at times is difficult. I also wonder if my written thoughts are worth reading. In the end it should not matter to me, but it does – for now.

1 thought on “ME and ADD

  1. “Now with more free time, feelings of not being in a hurry and having no focus, this has created more chaos then calmness in my mind.” This is exactly how I feel. I often don’t know what to do with myself, which causes me a lot of distress.


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