Eating Ice Cream with My Fingers

Have you ever eaten ice cream with your fingers?

I remember back at a time, maybe 25 years ago, when I was going through one of many rough times in my life.

This particular time in my life was rough because I was struggling to survive to make ends meet, to move forward. This particular time in my life was just one of many where I was experiencing life’s bumpy road. I was going through my divorce and working a job that did not pay well. I was depressed, alone, paying child support for several kids, trying to pay bills, just trying to survive; and wondering where my next penny was coming from. During this period of struggle, even though the money was minimal I needed to do something for myself. I felt I needed to ‘treat’ myself because I did not want to neglect myself, I did not want to neglect my well-being. I gave myself a ‘treat’ at least once a month. One month I bought a cheap picture to put on a bare wall in my apartment of little furnishings. I needed something to look at besides the wall paper.

Another month I decided to buy ice cream as a ‘treat’ for myself – I needed it! I went to the store and bought the ice cream and was excited and looked forward to the moment of eating it because it was so desired. As soon as I arrived to my apartment I immediately wanted to eat the ice cream. But wait! It occurred to me that I have no silverware; no spoons, no forks, no knifes, nothing. I had no plates, no bowls, no cups; I had nothing! My apartment of little furnishings was not going to prevent me from eating the ice cream I desired. I used my fingers; I used my fingers for as long as I could, until they became cold and I felt they were getting frost bite. The well desired ice cream was good and I felt good.

I think back at this one moment in time when I wanted something that I felt I needed, desired and deserved. Even when the tools were not there for me to use, I ate my ice cream anyway. I will never stop eating ice cream even when it appears sometime will prevent me from doing so. There is nothing that can stop me from eating my ice cream.

So, if you do not have the tools to eat your ice cream – don’t let that stop you, there is always another way to eat ice cream. I know how.

4 thoughts on “Eating Ice Cream with My Fingers

  1. It is stories like that which define what it is to really struggle. Thank you for sharing and may there always be ample ice-cream in your life, however you choose to eat it!

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