Trimming Grass With Scissors

I have lived at my current home for over 11 years and during the growing season; I trim the grass in my yard with scissors. I am not referring to edging shears but regular household scissors. Early on I think my neighbors thought I was a little strange, after 11 years, they now know I am strange, but they are ok with it.

Why do I trim the grass with scissors? I am not totally sure why I started and why I continue especially because it has produced some injuries along the way. I have cut my fingers on many occasions, sometimes significantly and the trimming has resulted in many blisters. So why do I keep trimming grass after putting myself through the time, effort and injuries? It’s probably due to patience and perfectionism.

Patience can be downright difficult for me, difficult to learn and difficult to exhibit each and every day for all occasions. Trimming grass with scissors helps me to slow down and take my time at something not necessarily important. So even though trimming grass with scissors takes much longer than using an edger or weed eater, the end result is beneficial to me in many ways. It helps me to slow down enough that the things that take longer to complete no matter the injuries received are worth it in the end.

If I used an edger or weed eater, it would be much quicker but not perfect. It seems these days we want things completed quickly and not as interested in the perfection of it all. If you look at the definition of Perfectionist, it states the following:

a person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection.

“he was a perfectionist who worked slowly”

As I have become older my body has slowed down some and I am not the perfectionist I once was. My lawn looks perfect from afar, but upon closer examination, it is not perfect. And though my body has slowed down, I still like my lawn to look perfect and will work slowly to achieve this.

I perform a task that takes much more time to complete. I perform a task that helps me be patient and not be in a hurry. I perform a task that when completed provides me a sense of accomplishment. Not necessarily accomplishing trimming the grass with scissors, but accomplishing a little perfectionism and a whole lot of patience.

2 thoughts on “Trimming Grass With Scissors

  1. omg, and here is an excellent example of Zen in action. At least to me, scissors would make perfect Zen sense. Recently, the wind blew a ton of pine needles into my newly crafted white gravel patio border…I patiently picked each one out and found it a soothing and meditative activity. Yeah, some might give it another name (ocd) but I prefer zen like. : )

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