Smile Workout

Besides working out my body’s muscles, joints and respiratory system on a daily basis I also do a smile workout. My face no longer displays a natural smile. I recently noticed this while practicing taking videos and pictures on my new smartphone. Not realizing, I took some videos and selfies of myself and upon seeing them I noticed the side of my lips were lowered and I appeared to have a frown. I never noticed this when looking at myself in a mirror, I guess when I look at myself I likely unconsciously change my expression.

I blame my now natural frown on years of unhappiness (with myself), usually being irritable and in a bad mood and always complaining about everything. I also blame gravity on my now natural frown. As we are all aware, gravity pulls everything down and keeps us grounded on this earth. Over the many years of my life, I believe my face muscles have been pulled down by gravity. I catch myself sometimes with my mouth open, my bottom jaw is lowered; I usually observe this while driving or watching TV or working on the computer. I think gravity has pulled my lower jaw down and now the muscles are weak and no longer strong enough to display a smile naturally.

It takes effort to lift my lower jaw and cheek muscles up to form a smile. I perform my smile workout numerous times throughout the day; when looking at myself in a mirror of just when the thought comes to mind. I think it is important for me to display a smile often; it portrays to people a happy person with a happy life. At this point in my life, I am happy with myself; the improvements I achieved over the years and my current life situation. I am happy in a relationship with a wonderful person who is my soul mate for life, I am happy to live in a great home and not have stress with work, finances or health issues.

I will continue to do my smile workout so I can display my happiness in my face and to also defy gravity.

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