My 5lb Friend

My 5lb friend was my Chihuahua who died a year ago today. My partner and I were deeply saddened by his death which was a result of a quick unexpected illness. He is dearly missed in our household and will never be forgotten.

Though he was only 5lbs, he was certainly the head of the household. He was ornery, controlling and new how to get his way. While owners can train their dogs to do many things it is also true dogs can train their owners. My 5lb friend had me trained very well! A year later, I still see him roaming the backyard as if exploring for the first time and finding something new. Sometimes I would have to yell at him to stop eating plants. After several minutes of roaming the backyard and smelling everything, it usually ended with him lifting up his leg and peeing on something. He would also for no reason sit and lift his head and bark usually at nothing, just bark. He had many characteristics to him that made him unique, interesting and lovable; there were many reasons to love him.

I miss my 5lb friend very much and think about him almost daily. My memory of him may fade a little, but he will never be forgotten.

Our pets are our family and teach us many things and when they leave this earth we grieve. My 5lb friend taught me many things such as patience, love, gentleness and kindness. He taught me to be a kid by allowing me to sing silly songs to him and letting me crawl on my all 4s with him on my back. He would allow me to rub his ears and his belly and also unlike many dogs he allowed me to cut his nails without flinching.

My 5lb friend was my Chihuahua who died a year ago today – I miss my 5lb friend and still see him roaming the backyard, exploring and enjoying his world.

6 thoughts on “My 5lb Friend

  1. The Bean has asked me to type a comment to you. She says that Max was very very lucky to have such a wonderful human family to look after. She herself is only half chihuahua which explains why she is a positively obese 7lb. She is glad to read that Max was, as she is, the rightful leader of your pack and she is happy that he is lying peacefully under the flowers he so diligently kept trimmed and watered. She sends her doggy love to you because you understand what it is to love a doggy.

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