I love rocking, always have, always will; I am rocking right now while writing this post. The rocking I am referring to is the verb: move back and forth. My mom and I talked about my rocking and she told me that when I was a baby, I would get on my hands and knees and rock back and forth in my crib. She never understood why I did this and to this day I do not understand it either, but it was and still is an activity I do every day, every chance I get.

The website has many good synonyms for the verb rocking. This includes what most of us would consider rocking to be: sway, move, vibrate and swing; these are definitions that seem to best fit what rocking is for me. Upon further viewing on this website I found other words related to rocking that had me thinking that rocking may have a new and different meaning for me.   A couple of nouns related to rocking are agitation and convulsion and related adjectives are festive, merry, spirited, spry and vivacious.

I do not like the related nouns agitation and convulsion. These words per refer to discomposure, disturbance, turmoil, unrest, disaster, shock, turbulence among others. These words describe my mind and my life. These words remind me of the negative characteristics of my being, the person I do not want to be and these words I want to overcome and put behind me.

I do like the related adjectives festive, merry, spirited, spry and vivacious. These words per refer to active, playful, cheerful, upbeat, happy, lighthearted, sunny, and pleasant and many other positive words. These are the words I want to relate to, to become, to live and to be known for.

I love rocking and it brings comfort to me, the verbs I am familiar with, the synonyms I understand and relate to, but every time I am rocking I am going to think about the adjectives.

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