There Is No Cure For Everything

From –

Everything: pronoun ev·ery·thing \ˈev-rē-ˌthiŋ\

Full Definition of EVERYTHING

  1. all that exists
  2. all that relates to the subject
  3. all that is important <you mean everything to me>
  4. all sorts of other things —used to indicate related but unspecified events, facts, or conditions <all the pains and colds and everything — E. B. White>

I remember on many occasions thinking to myself ‘I can do nothing right and everything I do I screw up!’ Every time I try to do anything, everything is screwed up. The word ‘Everything’ to me is as Webster indicates: all that exists and all that is important and all sorts of other things. ‘Everything’ to me is everything and everything over the years I screwed up. I screwed up my marriage, I screwed up my life, I screwed up being a father, I screwed up too many relationships, I screwed up my financial situation, I screwed up everything. And there is no cure for everything I screwed up.

Well maybe I was wrong.

From –

cure: noun \ˈkyu̇r\

Full Definition of CURE

  1. spiritual charge :  care
  2. pastoral charge of a parish
  3. recovery or relief from a diseasec: a course or period of treatment <take the cure for alcoholism>
  4. SPA
  5. something (as a drug or treatment) that cures a disease
  6. a complete or permanent solution or remedy <seeking a cure for unemployment>
  7. a process or method of curing

I found a ‘Cure’ for ‘Everything’ I screwed up. I did so with some spiritual change, I did so with recovery and relief from a disease and I did so with a period of treatment. I continue to do so with processes and methods to ‘Cure’ my ‘Everything’. My ‘Everything’ is a disease, a way of thinking, a way of acting and a way of living. This ‘Everything’ brought many screw-ups, disappointments, challenges and disasters in my life. But this is all changing with the ‘Cure’. This ‘Cure’ is changing me and my ‘Everything’, changing my screw-ups to successes, changing my disappointments to approvals, overcoming my challenges and living through the disasters.

I think we all may have an ‘Everything’ we need a ‘Cure’ for. But for everything else, there may be no cure for it – not yet anyway.

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