Walking On The Treadmill Backwards

Several times a week I go to the gym and exercise. My gym visits include cardio and weigh training and on most days I end my work out on the treadmill. I mostly walk on the treadmill on an incline and occasionally will run. Years ago my partner and I would run for many miles all around the city where we live but now due to bad knees we no longer can run the long distance.

My ears are plugged and connected to my smartphone and I am listening to 70s music (remember my post: Music of the 1970s). While on the treadmill, most times I will walk backwards. The other day while walking backwards and listening to the music, I was thinking about why I walk backwards on the treadmill.

So why do I walk backwards on the treadmill? Well the main reason is to work muscles in a different way that they are not familiar with. Our muscles become accustomed to our usual daily activities, but they are not used to performing unusual activities. Injuries can occur with our daily ordinary activities; have you ever been sweeping and you pull a muscle, or lift to reach something and your back will hurt as a result of it? Injuries can certainly occur with usual daily activities and are more likely to occur with unusual activities. Our muscles and body can do many things in our usual daily activities, so should be the same for the unusual activities – this is why I walk on the treadmill backwards.

But more than training my muscles and body for unusual activities, I was thinking about just doing something different that no one else does. While walking backwards I do not look at the people on the machines behind me. I do not want them to be uncomfortable and also I need to concentrate on walking backwards. Our bodies can walk backwards, but when walking backwards on the treadmill at a high speed and on an incline takes concentration. I hold the rails of the treadmill; there is no way I could walk backwards without this support. After several minutes, my heart rate rises, my breathing increases and I will sweat profusely. I hope those people who see me in this state are inspired and thinking he is having a good workout. Since I started this regimen, my legs are stronger and bigger and I have better stabilization.

The other day when walking on the treadmill backwards and listening to my music, I also thought about this activity in a different way. I was doing something unusual and out of the ordinary. There may be people watching me and thinking this situation is strange and out of the normal, but then again we all do activities and actions that others consider strange and not considered normal. I think there is nothing wrong with doing something not common, not normal or not the same.

Maybe doing something different will build some muscles in our lives and make us stronger and stable so we can be prepared for unusual activities – are you walking on the treadmill backwards?

3 thoughts on “Walking On The Treadmill Backwards

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