Common adult symptoms of ADD – Impulsivity

  • frequently interrupt others or talk over them
  • have poor self-control
  • blurt out thoughts that are rude or inappropriate without thinking
  • have addictive tendencies
  • act recklessly or spontaneously without regard for consequences
  • have trouble behaving in socially appropriate ways (such as sitting still during a long meeting)

Impulsivity is a negative behavior I definitely exhibit but I am getting somewhat better at controlling it. Some of the symptoms I believe I have outgrown with age and others still occur but with less frequency than years past. The one symptom that stands out more than the others is the ‘have addictive tendencies’; I will expand on my addictive tendencies in a future blog. My impulsivity behavior is a subconscious reaction and takes a great deal of beforehand conscience thinking on my part. How can I be aware of my impulsivity behavior when it is triggered by my subconscious? I do not know when it will show its ugly head, it just occurs in a split second and the resulting negative consequences take place. The way to teach myself to change this subconscious behavior is practice, practice and practice on recognizing the potential triggers. I practice by trying not to interrupt people, having long–lasting self-control and just keeping my mouth shut. It is getting easier for me to consciously think about keeping my mouth shut and have no response, demanding at times, but it can happen.

I tend to have a greater awareness of my behavior when around other people and keep my impulsivity to myself and hidden away, therefore being on my best behavior. When my impulsivity behavior is displayed, it is horrible and generally in response to my partner. He is nice guy, but I tend to not be on my best behavior around him and this is when I become weak and act inappropriately without thinking and without regard for the consequences.  I appreciate him dealing with my bad behavior with his positive behavior; he is much calmer and more easygoing than I am.

Making progress, but need additional training to control my impulsivity – I will keep practicing, practicing and practicing!

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