My Dog Likes Me Better Now She Is Unable To Hear Me

My partner and I previously had 2 dogs, one died a year ago – (previous post: My 5lb Friend). Our other dog is a Rat Terrier and about 11 years old. A couple of months ago while visiting family she unexpectedly ran into the street and was hit by a car. With her being a short dog and the car being a higher level SUV, she was very lucky and only sustained a concussion. After some recovery, she is herself again except for occasionally losing her balance when she is excited and the loss of her hearing. She can hear us clapping our hands when we want her attention, but that is about it.

Now that she has lost her hearing, I believe she likes me better than before the accident. Prior to the accident she was much fonder of my partner; she was always cuddling with him and followed him around everywhere he went. Now she seems to be very fond of me and pays me much more attention than before. Prior to the accident I was the one that fed her, gave her treats and sometimes rubbed her tummy and a course sang silly songs to her.

I believe my dog likes me better now she is unable to hear me because she no longer hears my voice. I think my voice is ok, but it is not a great voice: I would not make it in radio or television. I have a slight accent; a drawl when speaking and my voice is often not pleasant and sometimes I speak loudly and aggressively. I think now that my dog is unable to hear me with my aggressive, loud drawl voice, she likes me better because of what I do for her. I still feed her, give her treats, rub her tummy and even though she is unable to hear me, I still sing silly songs to her.  I also now use more pleasant facial expressions to display my love I have for her and I wave my hands to let her know I am paying kindness to her. I never paid much attention to this before because it did not seem important; but now that she is unable to hear me, she sees me more. I think now, instead of my voice being the focal point for her, now it is my facial expressions, actions and the things I do for her.

I started thinking more about this change in her and me –

What would we do or how would we react if we no longer heard people but instead focused on their expressions, actions and what they do? Those people who we disagree with their opinions, those people who say things we do not like, those people who we just do not like their voice. What if we pretend not to hear their voice and see their actions: what they are doing for others and maybe for us? We may see them differently and like them better now we are unable to hear them.

Just a thought.

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