30 Days Blogging

In my first blog I wrote I was unsure what to write or if anyone would be interested in reading it and was unsure if I had enough material to write about. I am now at 30 days blogging with a post a day and I have learned much about me, about blogging and where I want to go with my writing. I have made a goal for myself blogging that I believe I can and will achieve.

The goal for me is to write one post a day for 365 days. My posts will be about what I am experiencing in current day, past events, characteristics of me, thoughts, things I want to do and accomplish and the occasional opinion. Mentioned in my first blog, I indicated some readers may not like my posts, some may like my posts and others will not read my posts. After 30 days of blogging, my posts are written to leave to those people who want to read it and gain something from it; gain a better understanding of me, gain a better understanding of their selves or gain knowledge about something that is difficult to understand at all. I do not write for ‘Likes’ or comments, even though I certainly enjoy seeing them because I appreciate those that are reading my blog.

My blog posts are topics that are in my mind and in a logical order but not sequential with regards to my life experiences. My thinking process is not always logical and sequential, but more random and at times chaotic. This will be the process of the order of my blog posts, chaotic at times and not always logical and sequential. At times it may not always be worth reading and sometimes worth the effort to read.

I have not told family and friends that I am writing this blog; just my partner is aware of my writing. I have some fear and anxiety about what I am writing and how those people that know me will react when finally reading these posts – is they do at all! I am using this blog as a journal to document my journey from where I have been to where I am going.

Though it is 30 days blogging I have already learned more about myself, become aware and have had some awakenings. At first I was unsure where my writing would go, where it would take me what the ultimate goal was. I really am an ordinary person, living an ordinary life and there are others that are ordinary just like me. But one thing I figured out in my short 30 days of blogging is I need to forge forward because I feel those events in the past are preventing me from doing so. This is the goal of my writing in the next 335 posts – to move forward from the past.

I will write about how I feel a need to leave some information about me: my thinking, my actions, my personality and my life to my kids and to my family – a legacy. Upon reaching my 365 goal, I hope to have my life experiences, thoughts and feelings up to date, all written and wrapped up to current day. Once the 365 days if completed and I have moved forward beyond the past events, I will begin a new chapter in my writing. The new chapter will include current life posts at that point; it will be about my current life, my future and living one day at a time – living life to the fullest!

I do appreciate those that are reading my blog and I want you to know I am reading yours. From reading your posts I am learning and relating in what you write. I appreciate you sharing with me.

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