Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction, no I do not have this issue, but I am tired of seeing the commercials for it. And recently now I am seeing women that are talking about erectile dysfunction in these commercials; they are being seductive and suggestive, trying to get the viewer, the men to get the pill and get in the mood. I remember back when, not so long ago never seeing these types of commercials. Now it is not uncommon in primetime television to see commercials for erectile dysfunction, painful intercourse for women, and almost naked women posing for Victoria Secret. What has our society come to, that we are showing many commercials related to sex?

I understand that sex is part of nature and people can have problems ‘doing it’, but do we really have to show all these commercials on television related to sex and in primetime? My guess the difference now from back when, not so long ago when I never saw these commercials is that most likely the viewers are different in primetime. I am guessing, the younger people – children and young adults are no longer watching much TV in primetime, unless they are streaming it from the internet or they are watching on channels that are not displaying these commercials. I am guessing these groups of young people are playing online games, posting on Facebook or Tweeting or sharing on Instagram or messaging on Snapchat or texting on their smartphone or just no longer watching television.

I am also guessing the broadcasters displaying these commercials figured out the older adults that are having issues getting an erection or having painful intercourse or need Victoria Secret to get their partner in the mood are watching television during primetime. Why are these people watching television in primetime, is it because they are not playing online games, posting on Facebook or Tweeting or sharing on Instagram or messaging on Snapchat or texting on their smartphone – why would they, are these activities a waste of time?

Then again for the older adults, maybe watching television in primetime is a waste of time – maybe they should be having more sex.

2 thoughts on “Erectile Dysfunction

  1. Personally I find those commercials highly offensive. My late husband had the problem and those pills didn’t work for him at all any way. And the idea that some sultry ‘older’ (maybe 40 at most – the women I’ve seen in those ads) woman is going to find you appealing because you popped some stupid pill is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard of. From the woman’s point of view (if they’d ever asked any women) it’s more about the sharing and feeling close to ones’ partner than it is about porking. To be blunt.

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