How Slot Machines Work

I love to play slot machines!

My partner and I visit a nearby casino every other month to play the slot machines. We have a budget for the amount of money we are going to lose, because we always lose, but it is fun and we enjoy it. The website ‘howstuffworks’ has a great article about how the original slot machines work and also provides information about the more popular computerized slot machines. This article offers very detailed information about what happens when the handle is pulled on a slot machine, the payout (if there is one), and the odds of winning.

These slot machine games are much like other games we play, baseball, football, basketball and many other sports are unpredictable in the outcome until a handle is pulled (starting the game), and a series of events take place (the game itself) and ending with a possible payout (one team will win).

I also think the process of the slot machine is similar to the way our lives precede, the way we live them, the way we play the games. Our lives have handles that are pulled and then a series of events take place that result in a possible payout. The odds of winning are unpredictable, just like with a slot machine. The handles or buttons in the computerized slot machines may be decisions we make based on choices: for example selecting to up or lower the money bet. Or we may have to accept challenges given to us by means out of our control; the slot machine may give us an additional choice to make, with us not knowing what the outcome will be. Once these choices and challengers are presented we make a decision (the handle is pulled) and a series of events take place. The series of events is the course of our life; similar to the complex parts of a slot machine. Considerable amounts of motions of these parts take place before the end result is reached. The end results are we win, we lose or we stay somewhere in between. We hope we win once the spinning stops, but there is a chance we will not win and something will be lost.

I love to play slot machines and though I may lose often, I still like to play. The playing of one slot machine may not yield a win and it seems at times I keep playing the same slot machine. But sometimes I have experienced winning on a new slot machine after I walked away from a losing slot machine. A new slot machine that has a different game to play, it may be familiar to me or it may be a brand new game I have never played. Any case, just walking away from the losing slot machine is a win.

I will take this thinking and apply it to my life, I may lose some of the time and win some of the time and sometimes I will walk away from a losing slot machine – but I will keep playing slot machines.

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