Being Equal and Stabilized

In my post ‘ME and OCD’, one symptom of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is the following:

Need for order, symmetry, or exactness

I indicated the need for order, symmetry, or exactness is still an issue I deal with on a daily basis with symmetry being the most controlling. Google symmetry and the following is displayed:




the quality of being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis.

“this series has a line of symmetry through its center”

synonyms: regularity, evenness, uniformity, consistency, conformity, correspondence, equality

correct or pleasing proportion of the parts of a thing.

“an overall symmetry making the poem pleasant to the ear”

synonyms: regularity, evenness, uniformity, consistency, conformity, correspondence, equality

similarity or exact correspondence between different things.

plural noun: symmetries

The connection I experience with symmetry is primarily with my body. I know my body is not symmetrical; when wearing slacks one pant leg is higher than the other one indicating one hip is higher than the other. When wearing a tank top, one shoulder strap is higher on my shoulder than the other indicating my shoulders are not level – one higher than the other. Also one ear is slighting higher than the other; this is obvious when looking at myself in a mirror. These irregularities, unevenness and inconsistencies in my body bother me, but I am unable to do anything about it – I have to live with them. The need for symmetry will also affect me in different areas of my daily activities; such as when crossing my legs while sitting. Without thinking I usually sit and cross my left leg over my right, this will bother me and I will then usually have to cross my right leg over my left for approximately the same amount of time. I will then become very aware of this activity and cease to cross a leg over the other one, because this routine will bother me and make me crazy. There are other activities similar to crossing my legs I perform on a regular basis to feel symmetry.

So I made the mistake of reading the article ‘Symmetrical Bodies Are More Beautiful to Humans’ published in the National Geographic which included the following:

A new study finds that the more symmetrical a person’s body is, the more appealing that person is to the opposite sex. It went on to say that ‘Although differences in left-right symmetry are usually almost undetectable to the naked eye, both men and women reported symmetrical bodies to be more attractive.’ The article went on to report that ‘The researchers also found that men with physical traits commonly associated with masculinity—such as greater height, broader shoulders, and smaller hip-to-waist ratios—tended to have more symmetrical bodies.’ Then it went on to say the differences in left and right sides of our bodies are only about 1 to 3 percent.

I think my differences are more than that – because I can feel the difference and see the difference.

As far as the issue with crossing my legs and other activities – I guess I will have to accept it as I have accepted my asymmetrical and disproportioned body, the body that is less appealing to the opposite sex.

I am thankful the same sex finds my body appealing.

1 thought on “Being Equal and Stabilized

  1. Your body is just housing for your soul. If you have a loving and kind spirit, it’ll shine through for the world to see. – from a short, fat, middle aged Goddess!

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