Happy Dad’s Day

Father – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

A father is the male parent of his and the mother’s offspring. There are multiple definitions for the word father in human-related terminology. A biological father is the male whose seed has been used in the creation of the baby, through sexual intercourse or sperm donation.

Dad – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

There is no search found for ‘Dad’, this site takes you to ‘Father’.

Dad – The Free Dictionary:

Noun 1. dad – an informal term for a father; probably derived from baby talk, Informal – A male parent

Me –

When I was a child growing up I always called my male parent ‘father’ and sometimes even by his first name. We greeted and departed with a handshake and our relationship felt more business like instead of family like. We never said to each other ‘I love you’; we had a business relationship, how could we? My father is much older and I am much older and now I call my male parent ‘dad’ and never by his first name. We greet with a hug and depart with a hug and sometimes even a kiss and our relationship is more like family. And now as a family, a son with a dad, we always say to each other ‘I love you’, it is easy!

I guess growing up I liked my father, but as an older adult, I love my dad. Happy Dad’s Day!

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