Blog Site, Posts & Life Transitions

What do you think about my new blog site look? I am making transitions in my life and decided to also transition my blog site into something different and new. I was not totally unhappy with my previous blog site, but it did not appear to me what I thought it should reflect concerning what I am blogging about. When I started my blog site, I did so without putting much thought into the appearance of the site. Now that I have a good flow with my writing and am current with other activities in my life, I was able to take some time and find the theme that best fits me and my posts. My hope is as time goes by to add additional elements to this site besides the writing.

There are several transitions taking place with my blog and with my life. As described in my post ‘30 Days Blogging’, one transition is to forge forward beyond the past events that are holding me and keeping me from moving forward. I am allowing this transition 365 days total because I believe I have much to write about and document. Not every post will be about my past, but it is important for me to document my past experiences and events – the good and the bad. My blog will also include transitions into the future, what I have to look forward to and what I hope will be the next chapter in my life.

My life transition will be written and posted in the near future. My partner and I are retired and looking to move forward which includes a physical move from our current location. This idea of a move is not new and has always been in our future plans; the future came several years earlier than we expected which resulted in us living in limbo for some time now. We have in the past years visited other countries and other states within the US to investigate and seek out that next location for us. With many variables in play we may have ruled some locations as a ‘no-go’ and others as a possibility. The next 6 months several additional trips will take place in hopes for finding the location for us. The next location will take us into the next chapter of our lives, one that will be different from the current chapter. We are looking forward to moving on to this next chapter in our lives.

The transition of my blog site, posts and life will be a continuing transformation. As time passes, my hope is my blog site will transform into a better organized and nicer appearing, pleasing site to visit. My hope is my posts will transform into me becoming a better writer and help me overcome my past so I may move forward. My hope is my life transformation will take me to a new chapter; a chapter in a new location full of excitement, full of joyfulness, full of life.

Blog Site, Posts & Life Transitions to Blog Site, Posts & Life Transformations!

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