Hyperactivity or Restlessness

Common adult symptoms of ADD – Hyperactivity or Restlessness

  • feelings of inner restlessness, agitation
  • tendency to take risks
  • getting bored easily
  • racing thoughts
  • trouble sitting still; constant fidgeting
  • craving for excitement
  • talking excessively
  • doing a million things at once

It is interesting to me that some of these ADD symptoms I experience and others I wish I did experience. The feelings of restlessness and agitation are not as strong as in my younger years. I believe with age these symptoms have subsided somewhat and do not cause much distraction now. I am not easily bored and I do not talk excessively and I no longer try to do a million things at once. When I was a child I certainly had trouble sitting still and undoubtedly was constantly fidgeting.

Racing thoughts are the most pronounced symptom as I have indicated in many of my posts. From the moment I wake in the morning my mind is racing and as indicated sometimes is chaotic with thoughts and not organized in anyway. I have learned to deal with these racing thoughts and do not let them control me to the point of frustration. This is one reason I exercise physically by going to the gym, gardening and other physical activities around the home. I also exercise my mind with my meditation (post: Mindfulness Medication) and writing this blog and reading others blogs have help with calming the racing thoughts.

The symptoms I do not experience and wish I did are a tendency to take risks and craving for excitement. I certainly do not take risks; I may have some risking behaviors (future posts), but do not usually take risks. When making decisions I generally do my homework before selecting a choice and the risks are minimal. I definitely do not crave excitement, quite the contrary. I lead a life that is really quite boring to some and when thinking about it, craving for excitement would be taking a risk. I like my routines (post: I like routines, do you?) and deviating from those routines creates stress for me and not excitement. This is one reason my life is a little boring at this time, I am hoping that will change with my life transition (post: Blog Site, Posts & Life Transitions).

4 thoughts on “Hyperactivity or Restlessness

  1. Looks like you are quite intuitive..exercising and gardening can help balance one’s energy! A lot of new people born after 1987 have high energy but are mislabelled as ADHD. Not many of them know how to treat themselves, sadly.

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    • Thank you. I agree, those younger than me with high energy are usually spending more sitting and playing with gadgets! They need to move more with their whole bodies and not just the fingers.:)


  2. Is the routine thing an ADD symptom? I have that plus some of the symptoms listed in the post. I will find out what the psychologists think at the end of the month (being assessed for autistic Spectrum). I’m glad you’ve found helpful ways to deal with the racing thoughts – I imagine they can be draining.

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    • I do not think the routines are an ADD symptom. For me they provide me stability and focus for achievement in my life. But placing too much emphasis on the routines also cause some discord for me.

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