Parades, Fireworks & Celebrations

In the United States, today is July 4th, our nations Independence Day. In 1776 the Continental Congress voted in favor of independence, and two days later its delegates adopted the Declaration of Independence. The United States of America was born.

A course with our Independence Day now a federal holiday it is celebrated with parades, fireworks and celebrations of all kinds. I usually do not attend any of these events and stay home and have my usual routine day. This year is different; my partner and I decided to leave town for one of our trips for a new location as mentioned in my post: Blog Site, Posts & Life Transitions. Living in the southern part of the US, I generally do not like to go out of town in the middle of summer. It is hot here and we have a nice lawn and garden and a cool, refreshing pool and I am in my comfort zone. My partner and I like the warm weather as we like to sit in our backyard looking at our beautiful flowers; listening to the birds and watching the squirrels run across the fence and jump into the trees. During the summer months we will be outside more than inside even when the summer is extremely hot – even when the temps are in the 100s.

So today being July 4th, our nations Independence Day, we are celebrating with my partner’s family. Today’s celebrating will include cooking on the grill, the sparking pool and enjoying the company of family.

It is a huge effort for me to be out of my comfort zone that is my backyard, away from my home, my nice lawn and garden and my cool, refreshing pool. I am sure the home will be standing upon our return and within a day or two I will be back into my usual daily routine.

For this day July 4th with me celebrating elsewhere and not staying home in my comfort zone – there should be parades, fireworks & celebrations – for maybe I am declaring independence from my comfort zone.

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