My Mother In-Law Teacher

From the website –

A constantly nagged and harried son-in-law decided to buy his mother-in-law a cemetery plot as a birth day present.

The next birth day came but this year he didn’t buy her a gift.

The mother-in-law was upset and asked the son-in-law why was he had forgotten this time.

The angry son-in-law responded, “Well, you still haven’t used the gift I bought you last year!”

From me –

There are always jokes about mother in-laws and they usually get a bad rap. I don’t officially have a mother in-law but consider my partner’s mother as my mother in-law and I do not intend to joke about her or give her a bad rap. In my post ‘Thoughts From Years Past.2’, I briefly mention my partner’s mom, my unofficial mother in-law with the following writing:

My partner’s mom is leaving tomorrow after being here for 3 weeks. I am glad to see here go, so I can get back into my regular routine. I am sad to see here go, though she may be time consuming and have her problems and moods, she does teach me things. Patience and understanding are few among others. I get set in my ways I guess as many people do and want my regular routine and ways of doing stuff my way without someone else getting in my way.

Today’s writing –

My mother in-law is 92 years old, lost her husband several years back and suffers from dementia. Dementia is a brain condition that results in thinking and memory issues. My mother in-law has the classic symptoms of dementia with the most obvious being mood and personality changes. One day she is nice and pleasant and the next day is a mean hateful bitch! She lives in the past and tells the same stories over and over and over again – I know everyone by heart because sometimes I hear them 3-4 times just in an hour’s time. My mother in-law has stayed with us several occasions for lengthy visits and at first it was extremely difficult for me. I am not the most patient person and during these visits she interrupted my routines and schedules. But as the years have come and gone, I am getting better at patience and listening; I am having a better understanding of the importance of her in my life.

You see she needs her sons and I believe she needs me to help her and be there for her as it is getting tougher as the days continue to come and go. The time spent around her can be difficult, but I am gaining many teachings from her. I know her history by heart because of the stories told over and over and over again, and these events in her life are important to her. But the most important learning that is taking place is not through her stories; the struggles, the sacrifices, the good times, but her – who she was and who she is now. The important lesson is about her struggles in her current life. I can only imagine how she feels and thinks about her past life and current life as it is coming nearer to an end with each passing day.

In future posts I will expand upon what this person is teaching me – My Mother In-Law Teacher.

2 thoughts on “My Mother In-Law Teacher

  1. You deserve great congratulations for getting past the natural instinct that most of us would have with your Mother-in-laws’ dementia and it’s related frustrations and intrusions and seeing and appreciating her as a person to, as you say, learn from. 🙂

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