Time to read Time

I had a subscription to Time magazine that ended earlier this year. I am not one to immediately read magazines when they arrive in the mailbox and instead let them stack with me telling myself ‘I will read that later this week.’ The week passed with other weeks passing until the next issue was delivered. The Time magazines kept stacking up and after having the subscription ending and the magazines stacked in a cabinet, I decided they should be recycled. But I could not recycle them without first reading them – every one of them! I most likely had 3 years of issues and really did not want to take the Time to read Time, but I did.

I enjoy reading especially now that I am blogging and have the wonderful opportunity to read great blogs out there in this world. Blogging has opened a whole new world for me and I look forward to writing my posts and especially look forward to reading other bloggers posts. When I started my blogging I started to set aside certain times of the day to write and read, I included this practice in my daily routine. Ok, back to the subject Time to read Time; I started reading my 3 years of issues and obviously some stories were not current because some issues were 3 years old. I took the Time to read Time 1-2 hours per day and after several days finally read through every issue.

I read interesting articles, old out of date articles and this activity was tiring at times and I would ask myself ‘Why did you not read these when they were delivered?’ I had no answer except I guess at the time of delivery I thought I would have the Time to read Time.

I guess my point about not taking the Time to read Time is there is always Time to read Time and I should not put off the Time to read Time until there is no Time to read Time.

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