– it is how I get from here to there

I like technology, do you?

I am currently in another state within the US and to drive from place to place I use the GPS on my smartphone. For many years prior to retiring I was in the technology industry and learned much about this subject. The focus of my technology career related to computers and with less focus on tablets and smartphones. I understand the inner software workings of computers, software applications and if you have issues with your computer, I can most likely fix it. I have a good understanding of tablets and smartphones also and can usually correct any software issues that may occur. My point about my career is it provided me considerable information about the inner workings of technology and it does not scare me because I have this understanding of it.

So while driving on my trip and using my GPS, this particular application is extremely helpful – it is how I get from here to there. This application and others are useful in helping us have better lives; with the gadgets providing these applications and giving us the ability to connect in an instant at all times. But do they really make our lives easier?

I do not necessarily think so; as mentioned technology does not scare me because I understand it. I understand the importance of it in our lives and I understand the need for instant information, instant feedback and instant gratification. Technology has provided me resources that help with my mindfulness medication, technology has assisted with me in learning and technology allows me to write this blog and you to read it.

But because I understand it, it alarms me that technology is taking over our lives very rapidly and in an unknowing way I feel will result in the younger generation not having an easier life. Technology is not going away and will become further advanced with time and the younger generation with go along for the ride. I read daily articles about changes that Apple, Google, Android, Facebook, Microsoft and all the other technology brands and products are working on. Someday, everyone will know where you are at all times and everything about you and this scares me. I think the younger generation does not truly understand this; the putting information on the internet for everyone to see and always being ‘logged in’ to some application on their gadget is not always a good thing.

I am never ‘logged in’ to Facebook on my smartphone; my friends do need to know where I am. And when I use an application on my smartphone and it asks ‘Do you want this app to identify your location?’, I respond with a ‘No’. On Facebook, I post very little information if any at all and after a month I go back and delete it. All the information posted; your personal stats, your pictures, your location, everything is kept on a server somewhere in this world for others to find, see and use it. And even though I delete my limited postings; trust me it is still on those servers somewhere in the world for others to find.

So as I am going from place to place using my smartphone’s GPS, someone knows where I am due to using the GPS, but not everyone knows because I am not ‘logged in’ to Facebook. During a simpler time people referred to maps, asked for directions and did not know the nearest anything until they were on the road traveling and eventually reaching their destination. Those days are gone, we have all these resources and more in the palm of our hands or installed in our vehicles or on our wrists and maybe someday even implanted into our brains with a microchip. It is possible and most likely eventual for the younger generation; I hope they are ready for it.

I like technology, do you?

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