60 Days Blogging

In my first post ‘Hello world, this is my blog.’ I wrote I was unsure what to write or if anyone would be interested in reading it and was unsure if I had enough material to write about. In my ‘30 Days Blogging’ post I indicated I have learned more about myself; became aware and have had some awakenings. I also wrote what I wanted to accomplish in my first 365 days of blogging.

For my 60 Days Blogging post I wanted to write about you – the reader of my blog.

I honestly am grateful for you reading my posts and learning about me. Not because I am conceited and I feel I should be read about, not at all! To the contrary, I am humbled and privileged that strangers would take the time out of their day and read something I have written. And better yet, you take time to provide your comments and to ‘Like’ what I am writing. This brings great meaning for me and I am touched in a positive way. Those thoughts that swirl though out my brain that I have in the past placed into words I hid from anyone to see; they were just for me. Now at this time in my life I felt I needed to share these thoughts and you have gladly read them and this means a great deal to me.

And to other bloggers out there who are also sharing, thank you! I take time to read many posts a day and if I had all day, I would read more. Reading what others are writing brings me comfort, sanity and calmness. I enjoy reading other’s posts and many times relate and certainly learn from other’s point of view.   The sharing of me to you and you to me has helped me open up a little and has resulted in me commenting on other’s posts where once I never would have done this. Many times I have felt my comments were unimportant and not worth the trouble to express. And maybe at times this is still true, but the point is I am doing something different from my norm and this is a good thing.

As I wrote in my 30 Days Blogging I will write again –

I do appreciate those that are reading my blog and I want you to know I am reading yours. From reading your posts I am learning and relating in what you write. I appreciate you sharing with me.

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