The Home Comfort Zone


It is Monday and I am home in my comfort zone. The past week and the long trip were good with many miles driven, visiting family and investigating a possible next chapter in our lives. Additional trips will occur in the next several months, to the same US state but different locations. The searching for a new location to live, a new chapter involves me moving from my comfort zone. Not just the comfort zone known as my home, but also the comfort zone of my routines, my schedules all those things that keep me static.

To grow and to live, I must move from my comfort zone and let go of the familiar and let go of the past. Is there a magic to this process of movement from static to dynamic? What will be waiting for me during the process? What will be waiting once completed? What if I fail to leave the comfort zone because of fear? What will and what if should not be in my vocabulary, these are fear words that keep me from moving from my comfort zone.

The results of moving from my comfort zone I believe will be living a happy life. It will be tough as I am set in my ways, but old habits can be deleted from me and new habits created. These new habits will be of excitement, undertaking something different, meeting people and making new friends.


And with these new habits new discoveries will take place, not just from the new activities or the new friends but also from the new me. Growing will take place and I will begin to live the new life with the new me in the new location.

My recent trip was exhausting but beneficial resulting in 9 days and 2,500 driven miles. The goals of this past trip were successful in that my partner and I visited several different locations with a different life style we are unaccustomed to. We have an interest and need to do something different and with future trips planned I believe the destination will be found and the new chapter will begin.

My comfort zone that is my current home is holding me back from living and growing – soon, I believe the moving from my comfort zone will take place!


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