Engraved Lines and Crevices

When I was in my 20’s I never imagined having wrinkles at age 55. My older siblings do not have the amount of defined wrinkles I have which are most likely due to my years of habits (post: Addictions or Habits or Routines). I have never considered a face lift and never used any types of creams to help relieve the engraved lines and crevices on my face. The creams probably would be helpful; my partner uses them and he looks younger than me. The medicalnewstoday.com website has the following about wrinkles: most commonly appear with age with the facial wrinkles appearing first. The facial wrinkles tend to occur as a result of facial expressions, sun damage, smoking, among other factors.

See, I knew it – they are a result of my smoking and sun damage, but facial expressions? I guess that makes sense especially for me, my facial expressions usually include squinting and frowning. I squint because I should wear my glasses all the time and I do not; they are for distance, when driving and watching TV. Lately I have found I am squinting more while reading smaller print and the difficultly seeing distant objects are not so distant anymore, signaling my eyesight is progressively getting worst. Ugh, I guess it is time for the eye doctor visit; it has been awhile since the last checkup. The frowning I blame on years of bad moods and gravity, see my post ‘Smile Workout’.

After additional research I did find on the livingwellmag.com website the following –

Wrinkles are cute on Shar-Pei puppies, but aren’t nearly as attractive on your face. Society has labeled wrinkles as a sign of age, stress, and even as “wisdom.” Some wrinkles occur from volume loss, sun damage, tobacco use, and others from repetitive movements, like smile lines. Wrinkles can visually age you or send out misconceptions about your personality before you even speak.

At this point in my life I have no issues with the wrinkles on my face, they display who I am and for me what matters most is in the inside. And though others may feel my wrinkles may send out misconceptions about me; the inside is more important than what is displayed on the outside of a person.

images1imagesFY1KWMM4 untitled

Check out these pictures, do you see the wrinkles or the inside of the person?

5 thoughts on “Engraved Lines and Crevices

  1. I have a little crease on my forehead between my eyebrows, which I put down to squinting all the time and doing that for many years. Like you, it’s because I should’ve been wearing my glasses. I wear them now but it’s a bit late! And you’re absolutely right – it’s the inside that counts 🙂

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