Finishing What I Start

I mentioned in my post ‘Disorganization and Forgetfulness’, a common adult ADD symptom is starting and finishing projects. I provided to you in my ’30 Days Blogging’ post the goal of my writing and my blog. For me the trouble starting a project is difficult – but this blog project is started, so this aspect is not an issue, the finishing projects, mainly this blog could be an issue. I will admit sometimes I think it may be difficult to write a post for 365 days and more. But though I may feel at times I want to quit before advancing further with this project, I realize this is due to the symptoms of ADD and not truly me. Besides the ADD symptom the next couple of months I will have added pressure because I will be writing about delicate subjects about me and sometimes I may feel uneasy to post them. But, this blog; my writings are a project I desire to finish. I need to write about my life, to explain me, to provide and to give to others; I must complete this project.


I will stay focus on this project that is my blog and not lose sight of the importance of it. If the focus is not present, the project will not be completed. It is important for me to remember this about my life; I need to also stay focus on the life project in order to complete it. This life project at times is difficult, but staying focus on the results are important.

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