The Sounds of Meditating

The sounds of meditating –

It is early morning before many others are up and preparing for the day. I sit in the world imagesD26CAU6Lthat is my backyard in the large city and begin to meditate. This time I am sitting under the patio cover on my dog’s bed as the concrete surface is not comfortable. It is raining this morning and there is a slight breeze and I feel mist on my body. I feel and hear nature as the city noise begins to grow louder with those that are starting their day. The hearing and feeling of these elements are calming and my breathing becomes regular and natural. With the eyes closed I have no fear of the unknown or what I am unable to see.

Again early morning, it is Sunday this time and the world is sleeping in late this morning.imagesU5I16U2Z The city noise is silent this morning and as I hear the birds singing a breeze begins to blow and I hear the dropping of leaves from the trees. The wind is felt on my face and it increases intensely and the wall art hung on the fence begins to make noises causing some distractions with my meditation.

Still again, the early morning breeze hits my face and I feel the sun starting to rise bringing in a new day. A new day of opportunities; a new day of challengers and change – a day providing more time, to do images5MOUV6E8something different or to do the same. Will this day take me forward or set me back; the choice is mine. As the meditation progresses, these thoughts present themselves to me, will I choose today to grow and explore and to push beyond the boundaries I have chained myself with? The opportunities are presented there in front of me to move forward – and move forward I will.

2 thoughts on “The Sounds of Meditating

  1. You started driving at about the same age as I did, but my driving started in the mid 1980’s. The local state trooper knew when I started out on public roads at the age of 14. Was driving on our farm’s private property years earlier. Had blocks on the pedals because I was (and still am) short. Don’t drive anymore because of my multiple sclerosis, but am not in accidents either!

    Keep up you interesting writing!

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