But sometimes things don’t work out right

Most times when exercising I listen to 70s music, see my post ‘Music of the 1970s’. Occasionally I listen to the music of the 1980s; the music of this decade brings sad and at times upsetting memories for me. I recently listen to music of this decade and heard the song ‘Anything for You’ by Gloria Estefan. The song brought back a faint memory that included separation. The song was released in 1987 and I think back to that time; I was most likely separated from my wife and I think this song describes my feeling and emotions during this difficult time. Read the last verse and chorus –

And I’d do anything for you

I’ll give you up

If that’s what I should do

To make you happy

I can pretend each time I see you

That I don’t care and I don’t need you

And though inside I feel like dying

You know you’ll never see me crying

Don’t you ever think that I don’t love you

That for one minute I forgot you

But sometimes things don’t work out right

And you just have to say goodbye

Don’t want to say goodbye

I was dealing with my separation and the consequences and effects of me and my depression and state of mind. (blog: The Great Depression of the 1980s) And at this time I started to understand the decisions my wife needed to make to protect her, our sons and myself. The separation was long and a reunion was short lived and the marriage eventually ended. This divorce of two people was nearly 25 years ago and I have no tears left pertaining to this event and I no longer feel like dying as a result of it. And occasionally I see the mother of my children and I can truly say I still love her in a different way and I have never forgotten her – But sometimes things don’t work out right.

Always Something There to Remind Me

6 thoughts on “But sometimes things don’t work out right

  1. I have some of those memories……ones that linger…..the what “if’s” or “why”. Some happy moments and some sad moments but they were moments that made us the person we are today….it helped us grow…gave us wisdom. That is why they linger…..not to be forgotten….they need to remind us of what we learned but we shouldn’t dwell on them. Loved the song.
    Hug for you and God Bless.

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