It Wasn’t Twiggy in the Pool!

I think we have all seen it – Twiggy the Water-Skiing Squirrel


We have many squirrels in our neighborhood and in our backyard they are always running across the fence and jumping from tree to tree. Occasionally they will come to ground level and eat the grass in the yard, but this is rare since we have the dog in the backyard. Recently I noticed the squirrels starting drinking water from our swimming pool.

untitled2I had never seen them do this before, why would they start drinking from the pool? One day I was sitting outside enjoying the evening and a squirrel decided to venture around on the ground and decided to take a drink from the pool. It was a smaller squirrel – a kid squirrel I guess and probably had not learned all the lessons of a squirrel life. Anyway, the little squirrel starting drinking from the pool, and whoops, in the pool the squirrel goes.

He (could have been a she) struggled a few seconds and then managed to get out of the pool. For those animal lovers, no need to worry: I would have saved him if he was not able to get out on his own. So once out of the pool, to the tree he went and stayed about 4 feet off the ground on the truck of the tree. He was wet and in a bit of shock, not really knowing what just occurred. He stayed there for quite some time and I guess decided he was ok. Then he jumped on the fence and away he went – back to life as a squirrel.

untitled3I read an article about squirrels and it indicated squirrels are good swimmers, but usually do not like to. Not so sure if this is correct considering the squirrel I saw in our pool. When seeing this squirrel fall in the pool and frantically getting out and making it back to the safety of the tree made me think this happens to people at times. We think we are doing something harmless like the squirrel drinking the water from the pool and then as the squirrel did we fall in unexpectedly and for a moment or maybe for a lifetime we as the squirrel did frantically try to get out.

Once out of the pool, just like the squirrel, we may be in shook for a while and not knowing what occurred and may need some time to decide everything is ok. Once all is good, just like the squirrel, we jump back on the fence that is known as life.


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