I’m So Glad We Had THAT Time Together!

untitled1A couple of weeks ago I was channel surfing the television looking for something to watch. I usually watch the same shows week after week without straying too far from the familiar but that night when surfing only reruns of my usual shows were on. So while channel surfing I came across PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) and it was showing a documentary on Carol Burnett. I love this lady and had to watch the documentary about her. What a treat!

Who has every watched ‘The Carol Burnett Show’? If you have never seen this show, you need to watch it. This variety series ran from 1967 – 1978, won 25 prime-time Emmy awards, was ranked #16 on ‘TV Guide’s 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time’ and was listed as one of Time Magazine’s ‘100 Best TV Shows of All Time’.

Watching the documentary and seeing the classic scenes from ‘The Carol Burnett Show’ brought laughter and wonderful memories to me. Carol Burnett and the rest of the cast of that show were funny and hilarious; they would crack each other up – and that was live television.

images3Carol Burnett would always end the show with the closing song ‘I’m So Glad We Had This Time Together’, and I believe she truly meant it.

Oh how I wish we still had these types of shows today – there are way too many reality shows, news programs and dramas; and don’t get me started on the situation comedies, they are nowhere close to bringing laughter as a variety series such as ‘The Carol Burnett Show’ can.

I guess those days are gone of the tongue-in-cheek comedy that was laughter, having fun and just taking life a little less seriously.

I miss those days, those shows and I miss you Carol Burnett – I’m so glad we had THAT time together!

One thought on “I’m So Glad We Had THAT Time Together!

  1. I totally agree – TV shows are pretty awful today, which is why I don’t have TV. I like a lot of shows from the 80s and some from the 70’s. They were funnier, much more innocent and just plain fun

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