Do Not Disturb


As mentioned in this earlier post ‘They call me Bear’ I am allowed several hours in the morning to be left alone. Actually I have a 2 hour rule – Do Not Disturb.

I am not a nice person in the mornings and need at least 2 hours before speaking with anyone. This is usually easy at home as it is just my partner and I, but becomes more difficult when away from the home comfort zone. When not home, I manage because most everyone is aware I am not a morning person with regards to wanting to talk to anyone. My last job I worked was in an office atmosphere in the information technology industry. This industry is not necessarily 8-5 working hours and has flexibility when it comes to coming and going, at least the employer I worked for did. I was fortunate that I was able to make my schedule to where I usually arrived at work at 6:30 AM, several hours before fellow employees would arrive. This gave me quite time; to think, ‘get things accomplished’ and to not have to talk with anyone.

Now that my partner and I are not working, as much as I love my partner – I do not want to talk with him first thing in the morning – remember – Do Not Disturb.3

The one good thing about my mornings is my partner is usually up and in the home office on his computer. His previous employment of 10 years was working an overnight shift and therefore slept in the day. So he goes to bed when I do and gets up sometime in the middle of the night. When I rise I drink my coffee, exercise, meditate, let the dog out, drink my smoothie and other miscellaneous activities usually all taking about 2 hours. There are a few times before the 2 hours are up my partner will come downstairs and say “Good morning, how are you?” I usually respond with “Good” or “Alright”.

What I really want to say is “Leave me alone” – Do Not Disturb.

In the past I have said much worse than that; “Go to hell!” or a phrase involving the ‘F’ word. I am making slow progress at being nicer in the mornings, but it is difficult.




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