I Smile and Chuckle

Today my partner turns 59!

In my post ‘My Life Partner Does!’, I wrote the importance of him, my partner in my life and on occasion mention him in other posts. We met 12 years ago and this is the second longest relationship I have had second to my marriage to my wife, the mother of my 3 sons. Next year when we start our 13th year together, it will be the beginning of the longest relationship I will have for the rest of my life. I look forward to spending the rest of our lives together as we are really meant for each other. Don’t get me wrong, the relationship is challenging at times, I am not an easy person to live with and he is not either. But I know he truly loves me because he shows it in many ways with the most important is he puts up with my faults and stays with me; no one else would!

Back to my partner’s birthday; 59 today and next year the big 60! He has aged some in the past 12 years, but continues to be a very handsome man. He has had some health issues and continues to stay active. He is giving, patient (much more than me), understanding (most of the time) and smart (High School Valedictorian & Masters Degree). He served in the United States Military for 22 years and during his service was stationed in several countries and had the opportunity to visit many other counties – 75 countries in all.

This is one special man and I am truly fortunate to have met him and have him in my life. After 12 years together, the ‘honeymoon’ stage is over and now we have our routines, our pet peeves, our similarities and our differences. The early days of meeting and getting to know each other; the focus on the partner and the entire world is reduced to us two are over. The beginning stage – the attraction stage is over and the rest of our lives stage – the forever stage is here. Often times I look at him and watch him and as he is going about his daily activities and I smile and chuckle.

I smile and chuckle because I see in his face why I fell in love with him during the attraction stage and why I am still in love with him now we are in the forever stage.


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