To Vacuum A Duck or Not

My partner and I currently live in a 2 story home, full of carpet. We try to vacuum the carpet once a week but somethings it may be 2 weeks. There was a time I cleaned the house more often than I do now. Not sure what changed, after all I have more time on my hands since I no longer work, and so time is not the issue. I think now cleaning is no longer a priority and also believe my habitual cleaning routine was most likely caused from my OCD. I like to live in a clean, orderly, neat, organized home and at times the ‘Clean Freak’ inside of me caused issues with others and myself. I believe as I grow older, the OCD symptoms are losing their grip on me and this is a good thing. I guess the declining of OCD symptoms and behaviors can be bad also; in that the house is not being cleaned as often. So there is little dust on the furniture than once was, and a few cobwebs in the corners between the window panes and blinds, but overall the home is clean, just not perfectly spotless clean.

With the home not cleaned on a weekly basis, the carpet usually is. And with me needing my routines (post: I like routines, do you?) and my lists (post: Lists, Tables and Bullet Points – Oh My!) I am a planner and plan the day I will vacuum the carpet. So what happens? My partner decides he wants to vacuum the downstairs carpet on a day I have not planned to vacuum; and he does not plan to vacuum the upstairs. I become flustered and upset because I had not planned on this and for me there is no way the downstairs can be vacuumed without the upstairs being vacuumed. I would be unable to live with half the home vacuumed; I mean wouldn’t most people feel the same?

OK, so that is my OCD story about vacuuming – maybe I would not be bothered by half the house vacuumed if just get a duck – see video.

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