Chaos in the mind

images1I mentioned in my posts ‘ME and ADD’ and ‘Mindfulness Meditation’ about the chaos I have in my mind.

This chaos in my mind at times has prevented me from accomplishing, overcoming and moving forward. This is one reason I need my routines, lists and schedules. (posts: I like routines, do you?Lists, Tables And Bullets Points – Oh My!) I experience difficulty in staying focus, become easily distracted and at times have issues starting and completing tasks and projects. Many times my brain is working in a chaotic manner and I feel I am wasting my days because of it. has a good article ‘Steps To Quite The Chaotic Mind’ that ends with the following:

Never be a prisoner of the chaos in your mind. Release all those hurts, frustration and anger that you feel deep inside. Look at the world in a different point of view and believe that you can accomplish anything as long as you have faith in you that you can.

There is no success in chaos, and chaos will not lead to success. It is balancing the mind, releasing all stress that the mind feels, letting go of all negative thoughts and making a clear image of the life that you want to live.

With the writing of my blog for almost 3 months now – the chaos in my mind has images2soothed some – I am feeling a little more relaxed and calm. I believe this is because the posts I am writing are helping in releasing my life’s hurts, frustrations and anger that I have held deep inside for a very long time. I am gaining a better understanding of me and in the process gaining a better mind.

From John Briggs and F. David Peat in their excellent book Turbulent Mirror –

The discernment between chaos and order is merely a point of view. “Maps are imaginative pictures which allow thought to bring into focus aspects of reality that might otherwise be lost in details. With a good map we can appreciate some features of a reality we could otherwise miss, and we can explore this reality in a way that would be actually impossible without the map.”


My map which is this blog and my posts are the reflections and pictures of my mind that bring focus and reality resulting in a sense of sanity within me and with others.

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