90 Days Blogging

In my first post ‘Hello world, this is my blog.’ I wrote I was unsure what to write or if anyone would be interested in reading it and was unsure if I had enough material to write about.

In my ’30 Days Blogging’ post I indicated I have learned more about myself and have had some awakenings.  I also wrote what I wanted to accomplish in my first 365 days of blogging.

In my ‘60 Days Blogging’ post I wanted to say ‘Thank You’ to you – the readers of my blog.

In this post I am writing about the progress I am making with my blog site and with me.

The blog site is slowing going through some transformations.  In my post ‘Blog Site, Posts & Life Transitions’ I wrote about the transformation of my blog site, the changing from one theme to a different theme.  When I hit my 60 days blogging I started displaying visual elements; pictures, clipart and videos.

And now for my 90 days blogging I will be adding a new page to my site titled ‘My 70’s Music Collection’.  Because the 1970s music brings me joy, happiness and good memories, I want to share this decade of music with you.  Starting soon I will post some of my favorite songs from that era with information about the artist and song.

The transformation of me continues.  For years I wrote thoughts, feelings and events down with the purpose of organizing and putting them in a logical order to leave as a book; I guess as a legacy of some sort.  The organizing is difficult for me and I am unsure if the book will ever be created.  But I have learned through blogging I do not necessarily need to be organized and in a logical order and this blog in a way is my book.  This blog and my writing are providing me a sense of calmness in my mind and this is a good thing.

My writing of the thoughts, the feelings and the events that weigh me down are gradually lifting from my mind and are being released,

to print that is………………………………my life

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