The ‘Big Win’ Trip

images1I mentioned in my post ‘How Slot Machines Work’, that my partner and I visit a nearby casino every other month to play slot machines.  Our most recent trip to the casino was this past week and we did our usual routine; we arrive at the casino late afternoon, have our free dinner buffet and play the slot machines until all hours of the night.  We usually do not get back to the hotel room until somewhere between 3-4 AM.  Yes, that is extremely late for me, but I am playing slot machines so I am having fun and time is forgotten about.

We always play the penny machines because the money needs to last longer as there is a budget set.  We can sit at one machine for hours and win, then lose, then win again and we keep going for the ‘Big Win’.  At times there is a ‘Medium Win’ and then it will be lost, but the whole point for us is to have a good time.  We know there is a small chance of leaving the casino with a ‘Big Win’, but it could happen.

Prior to this trip, I had a feeling this time was going to be the ‘Big Win’ trip – I just felt it!

Obviously it is difficult to have a ‘Big Win’ from penny machines, but it does occur when more pennies are played.  I usually start small and as I win more I play more money; the more money I play the more money I win.  This strategy will work for a while and then I start losing.  Then I have to decrease the pennies as I do not want to lose all my money too quickly and reach my budget too soon.  This strategy works great in that I will play for hours and hours and hours.

images2You ask “Well, was this the ‘Big Win’ trip?”  I respond “Sadly no, but I have a feeling the next trip will be!”

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