That’s Stupid Definition

My partner and I use the word ‘Stupid’ quite often.  We use the word more in the context of a synonym and not the actual definition.  Watching TV, performing an activity, whatever: a popular response of ours is ‘That’s stupid’ or just ‘Stupid’.  For example, my opinion of the reality TV shows ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ are that these shows are ‘Stupid’.  What I really am saying is these TV shows are ludicrous, senseless, trivial, mindless and meaningless.  I prefer to use the word ‘Stupid’ instead – this word encompasses meaning.  By the way, sorry if I offended anyone who likes ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’, I hope you do not stop reading my posts because of my opinion.

untitled1Ok, back to ‘Stupid’ – I started using this word at a very young age to describe myself in the literal definition – lacking intelligence or common sense.  Later in life my mom would tell me she did not know why I would say that about myself.  She was unaware what I was feeling about me at a very young age starting back in 2nd grade (see my post: 2nd Grade & 2nd Grade).  So I continually told myself I was stupid and believed this well into my adulthood.  No one really told me otherwise, I most likely would not have believed them anyway.

Using this word in the literal sense at another or to oneself on a continual basis is dangerous.  In today’s society, this name calling would be considered a form of bullying.  Calling another person or oneself ‘stupid’ is a label to define the other person or yourself.  This constant labeling target’s the self-esteem and self-worth of a person, especially children.  I believe with the constant bullying of myself; me calling myself stupid, this label became a reality.  That internal voice of mine kept the phrase ‘Your stupid’ close by always reinforcing these words when mistakes or failures were present.  The constant bulling of myself and the internal voice reinforcement prevented me from staying focus on learning and therefore not doing well in school.

Later in life I would overcome this self-bulling and realize I am not stupid and I would end the power that the internal voice had with regards to the ‘Your Stupid’ label. has a good article by four-time Olympian Ruben Gonzales that starts with this –

Top achievers in every field understand that words have the power to condition the mind to succeed or to fail.

Whenever you say something, your mind tries to build a case for it. If you call yourself “stupid” the mind does a subconscious “Google search” on the word stupid and pulls up a list of every stupid thing you’ve ever done in your life. Now, you have the proof that you are stupid and you start acting that way. If you call yourself a winner, your mind pulls up all your winning moments. And you start acting like a winner.

In fact, if you are not getting the results you want out of life, it can probably be traced to your self talk. What you say to yourself will influence what you think. What you think influences what you do. What you do all the time becomes your habits and your habits determine your results and ultimately, your destiny.

Today, I am no longer stupid, but occasionally images5do things I refer to as ‘Stupid’; meaning ludicrous, senseless, trivial, mindless and meaningless – and that is ok.  My internal voice tells me I am an ordinary person doing ordinary things – and that is also ok.

7 thoughts on “That’s Stupid Definition

  1. I was raised hearing how stupid things were… My mother, got lack of better words, called everything stupid….she never said we, the kids, were stupid, but we could stop acting stupid…. I have always said, I may be dumb sometimes, but I am not stupid….my son’s father, my ex called in stupid, we were no longer together as I never witnessed that, but my son told me, he won’t allow anyone to use that word in his presence…. It really is a derogatory word…and as you pointed out slang. ..good post….

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    • I am sorry your son was called stupid, that should never be said to a child. I still say the word stupid, but gave it a different meaning from when I used it toward myself. For me I gave the word less power over me. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.


      • Thanks, I agree, his father was an asshole, that’s why I left….he choose to live with him, he was so worried about how his father would get by…I am very sad over how his father treated him, but my son was so stubborn there was no way he would of stayed with me, but finally I just went and got him and we had a very tremulous relationship for several years and it took as many for me to get him back on a correct path in life…but now at 28 he sees what was and who was on his side..I have a fantastic relationship with my son know….YEAH….unfortunately his father is still an ass hole…

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  2. This was actually a great post. Words–it’s funny how we use them. “Stupid” was actually a word that we would be very firmly corrected on by my mother and father when we were kids. And it is one word that I told my kids I didn’t want to hear them call anyone. I don’t think of it as a “bullying” word. It’s just one of those words that I feel is kind of in suspended animation. I use other words instead of “stupid”. (NOTE–I DO NOT USE THE FOLLOWING WORDS TO CHILDREN–just to people over 17 years old. are the words “fucking moron”, or, when I’m feeling more kind “fucking idiot”. Yes. I have a gutter mouth–but my gutter mouth is very expressive–and I have a rather nice and lovely way of cussing so that it really doesn’t insult anyone. I have to say, I really, really enjoyed this post today! Thanks!!!!!

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