The Banana Extinction

While performing research for another post, I came across a CNN news article about a deadly banana disease.  I was upset to hear about this because bananas are my favorite fruit that I have every morning in my smoothie.  OMG, what am I going to do without my bananas?

The article ‘Why bananas as we know them might go extinct (and what to do about it)’ indicates we were eating better bananas 50 years ago.  The article goes on to say –

They tasted better, they lasted longer, they were more resilient and didn’t require artificial ripening. They were — simply put — a better fruit, because they belonged to a different species, or cultivar in banana parlance.

It was called Gros Michel and it remained the world’s export banana until 1965.

The article goes on to say this banana became commercially extinct due to a Panama disease across the world’s banana plantations and there was no choice but to burn them down.  With most of today’s bananas being one variety – a clone of one another, these bananas are under threat again with a new strain of the Panama disease.

Ok, I could provide additional about this article, but you can click on the above link to read the whole article.  The point to my banana post is I would be devastated if there were no bananas – my favorite fruit!

My morning smoothies include bananas, strawberries, milk, yogurt and cottage cheese – which I have been drinking for about 15 years now – what would I do without my bananas?

I need my bananas, and there are good reasons to need bananas per the website –

  1. Bananas Assist With Weight Loss? – This is good to know, and I thought I just need to exercise and eat more often (post: 2 – 3 Hours)
  2. Bananas Ease Hangovers? – Now I know why I never have a bad hangover!
  3. Bananas Are Brain Food? – As many bananas I have eaten in my life, I should be Einstein by now.
  4. Bananas Give You Energy? – Another good to know as I am slowing down (post: Aches, Pains, Life)
  5. Bananas Boost Libido? – Nope – don’t think so!
  6. Bananas Can Treat Stomach Ulcers? – Probably so, I had stomach ulcers as a young man and now I do not.
  7. Bananas are a Natural Heart Burn Remedy? – Could be – I rarely have heart burn.
  8. Bananas Lower Blood Pressure? – I think so; my blood pressure has always been good.
  9. Bananas Help You Quit Smoking? – Definitely not true!
  10. Bananas Ward Off Neurological Disorders? – I hope so!
  11. Bananas Make You Happy? – Yes, they truly do.
  12. Banana Peels Also Have Benefits? – So I have heard.

I like my bananas and cannot live without them – but there are some people perfectly happy without bananas. (see video)

4 thoughts on “The Banana Extinction

  1. This is good information, however for those that have problems with Potassium levels, in other words getting too much of can cause headaches for the individual. My Mother was one of these individuals and the Doctors told her to only eat a half of a Banana. What I did not know is that it prevents hangovers.

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