Thanks Mom!

My Mom – what can I say – she has always been there for me.

I have not mentioned my mom much in my posts mainly because there is progression taking place with each post I write.  My mom is very important to me; she is to me everything; she has always been there for me.  She was there during good times and definitely during the bad times when I needed her, the most.  If you keep up with my posts ‘Thoughts From Years Past’, the buildup to the most significant event in my life it taking place (post: The Great Depression of the 1980s).  During this significant event the one person there to support me, to comfort me, to keep me on track was my mom.

My mom is 80, retired, in good health and has 4 children, 9 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren with most likely more great grandchildren to come.  I remember as a young child my mom taking my twin sister and me to work with her.  With my dad having his own businesses (fast food restaurants), my mom and eventually us kids would work in this business.  I remember after I started elementary school, every day after school my mom would take us to dad’s fast food restaurant for an afternoon snack – I always looked forward to this event.  My mom usually drove a Pontiac Bonneville and one afternoon prior to the afterschool snack, my mom needed to make a stop and I remember being impatient.  Back at this young age was the start of my short temper and I remember sitting in the front seat and I kicked the windshield of the car.  Whoops, the windshield cracked!  This was in the 1960s, so the windshield glass of that time could not handle as much impact as the windshields in today’s cars can.

Back to the cracked windshield glass – I seem to remember my mom was upset, I guess I would be also.  But she got over it and the windshield was never fixed and every time I was in that Bonneville, it served as reminder of what the outburst of my temper could do and still today does at times (see post: The Evil Person Inside).  That event was one of many more to come, where my mom would love me no matter what I did.  My mom provided guidance when I needed it, forgave me when I made mistakes, but most of all she has always loved me for who I was, who I am and who I want to be.


My mom may not have always understood me and my actions; but she has always supported me.  She has never questioned my choices in life even when those choices were bad ones and she has always been there to help pick me up so I can continue to move forward.  Today a man in his middle 50s, I call mom often to check in and we catch up on our lives.  She is always there listening to me when I talk about me and my life and still supports me and still comforts me and still keeps me on track.

Thanks Mom!

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