The Countdown Is On

Do you know today’s date?

Most schools in the US are back in session and this means the countdown is on.  It is the countdown to the major holidays and the ending of another year.  Next week is Labor Day, followed by Columbus Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year.  Many other days in between are observed as holidays including Patriot Day, National Grandparents Day, Boss’s Day, Veteran’s Day, President’s Day, and the list goes on.

Do you know today’s date?  It is not a holiday or a day for observing anything significant – except if it is your birthday – that’s significant, and by the way – Happy Birthday!  Today is 4 months until Christmas and untitledI am sure there are merchants already displaying Christmas decorations for purchase.  After all we do rush in the holidays here in the US.

Did anyone watch the holiday series ‘The Great Light Fight’?  It is about families competing on whom has the greatest Christmas display.  We know those people similar to Clark Criswold from the movie ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’.  I am one of those people, I love to decorate for Christmas and my house is decorated with lights and synchronized to music – or it was until this year. untitled1

For past years I decorated our house with Christmas lights and it grew, then I added music, then added characters in the yard and in the windows and it grew and it was fabulous – or it was until this year.  My past Christmas displays have included up to 26,000 lights all synchronized to music; this also included Christmas trees in 3 large front facing windows.  This effort starts the first of each year and takes all year to complete; between choosing the music, creating the light sequences on my computer program for each song is a tedious process and in all I spend up to 300 hours over a year’s time for planning, building and installing my Christmas display – or it was until this year.

What changed and why is this year different; so different that there are no decorations at all.  I decided not to decorate this year for several reasons.  One: my body is slowing down and climbing a ladder to hang Christmas lights on a two story house is becoming increasing difficult and dangerous.  Two: because the installation is time consuming I have missed visiting family on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Three: my partner and I are considering moving to a different location and down-sizing so I need to down-size the Christmas decorations also.

This year is very different for me in that my time spent creating my Christmas display was no more.  I missed creating my images1Christmas display and will be sad to see the house ‘dark’ this year.  My partner and I will be away visiting family this year for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We will also be making trips for a location to move to for our next chapter in our lives.  When that next location is found we hope to move next year and maybe I will reconsider the Christmas decorations and start over in the next home, which by the way will be a one story.

5 thoughts on “The Countdown Is On

  1. If you are still in your present location during the holidays (and who wants to move during them? I did it. It sucks.) why not have a modest display ? That way you are honoring your tradition without feeling overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of past ones? I’m what I call a “closet holiday junkie’ …I wait impatiently for the first day of the Christmas time celebrations (for me it’s Dec 1st…any earlier is just not done. It’s a personal thing.) and then drive about staring at the fabulous displays that someone else has put out for view. I appreciate them so much. I don’t do much myself – health and age and let us face it, sheer laziness on my part render my efforts to a very small effort. So if it’s possible indulge the watcher if you can. Others do come and stare at your displays, of that I’m certain.

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    • I would sometimes sit on the stairway inside the house and I could see out the window when people would drive by and stop for awhile – a smile would come across my face – as I did something I enjoyed and others were enjoying as well. The problem I have with doing any decorating is I have to be here if something goes wrong (weather, electrical related, etc.) and we will be out of town for several weeks in December. If something did go wrong while away I would be devastated and embarrassed. The OCD part of me could not allow this to happen.


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