Memories &/or/of Dreams

I have memories or are they dreams I remember?

I have memories of events with me as a young child that do not appear to be real memories, so could they be dreams I had as a young child and I remember the dreams?                                                                images

The first memory I have I am a young boy and I can see the house I live in and I am about 5-6 years old. This memory I have is in black and white and I remember walking down the hall to my bedroom and when approaching the doorway, coming from under the bed is a creature. This creature was in color – like an animated creature. That is all I remember of this dream and it is still vivid in my memory today.

untitledThe second memory again at the same age and this time I am at my preschool building. In the town I grew up, the school rooms were entered from the outside with a covered walkway connecting all the rooms. I am standing under this covered walkway waiting and standing there with other kids and adults walking around me. The weather seemed calm but out of nowhere lighting strikes directly in front of me and creates a huge hole in the ground.

untitled2The third memory I am a little older and on vacation with my family. I am in a hotel room with double beds and it is nighttime. I am laying in one of the beds with someone else; most likely my twin sister. My parents are in the next bed and everyone except me is asleep. My bed where I am laying is closest to the wall and opening into the bathroom. A light from the bathroom comes on and in the doorway stands a figure of a person. I lay motionless for I am unable to determine who it is. I do not want to move to see if my parents are still in bed, but I feel certain my sister is lying next to me. Who is this figure in the doorway?

So is seems obvious the first 2 memories are probably dreams.

#1 the black and white dream with the animated creature would be an impossible real event. It did however create a fear of me lying in bed at night with my arm hung over the side. This fear carried well into my adulthood; I am over that fear now.

#2 dream is another impossible real event in that if lighting struck that close to me, I think I would have some adverse effects; some injuries or even not being here today to write about it.

#3 dream, was it a dream or could this have really occurred? Unsure at this point; this could have happened and seems like a reasonably event. There is no lasting adverse effect, but for some reason it stays in my memory and easily recalled.

So are these real memories or memories of vivid dreams or memories that are products of my own mind? They seem so real in my mind and in my memory.

And why are these memories or memories of dreams so vivid in my mind yet other events and activities of my life; I am unable to recall.



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