Hello, Drive Thru Please!

Many years ago I was employed at a national long distance company.  I loved the job and the people and the company; they were all good to me and for me.  The majority of time with this company was spent in one position and I gained great friendships with a close group of people.  We were a group; very diversified, welcoming, tolerant, open, fun, professional and friendly.  A small group of us became a clan, a band of jokers, friends and in a way a family.  We would gather together after work hours for dinner, drinking and other activities and our friendship was the best I have ever had.

Our small group was made up of 5; 4 women and me, 1 guy.  I have so many wonderful memories of times spent with these ladies and after I left the job to move on as well as and eventually others in the clan, the group disbanded and staying in touch was limited and time moved on.  Years after we moved on with our lives, one of these ladies passed away.  She was older than me; I would be in my 30s back then and I believe she was in her 50s.  Her death mostly like occurred in her 60s.

She was a character; a heavy set women with long stringy hair and very understanding, supporting, caring and humorous.  Our conversations were always fun and interesting and when talking about subjects about things people did or did not do, her response would be “Hello, Drive Thru Please!”  I still use this phrase today.

I like this phrase; it is a fun phrase to say when responding to someone else who does not get a joke or a person who is not thinking and does or does not respond to something that seems logical or obvious.  An example is when someone is in the drive thru of a fast food restaurant.

When a person orders at a drive thru and just sits there without moving – just sits there, what do you say?

“Hello, Drive Thru Please!”

2 thoughts on “Hello, Drive Thru Please!

  1. Wow! THAT is a great phrase. I’m afraid that now, I will end up using it as well. Um–at least I’m telling you in advance I’m stealing from you!! What a great post! It’s nice to have that special little family to have fun with–sometimes they can be more of a family than blood!!!

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