My Life My Way article ‘United States – Life expectancy at birth’ reports the following –

In 2013 the life expectancy in United States increased to 78.84 years. That year, the life expectancy for women was 81.30 years and for men 76.50 years.

I am currently 55, so I am expected to die in 21 years.  And then take into account I need to minus an additional 10 years because I am a smoker, this takes me down to 11 years before I die.  Interesting to think about; I have 11 years before I die.  I am unsure why I am writing about this particular subject except to say, I really am not afraid to die and really have no doubts for those bad behaviors that could cause my death – I am living my life my way.

Now I need to minus additional years because I am a drinker.  Some articles I read indicate I will die in 3 years at age 58.  Again, I am not afraid to die – I am living my life my way.

I have heard the argument many times, the smoking the drinking not only do they affect me, but others as well.  Do they really?  I do not smoke in the company of my family; I separate myself to an area far from them as I do not want to expose them to my smoking.  When out in public I will do the same; separate myself away from others.  I drink in the privacy of my own home and do not drive when drinking, I do not allow the drinking to get in the way of my responsibilities and have control over when I will drink.  So how is this affecting others?

I guess it might affect my family when I die in 3 years because the smoking and drinking resulted in it occurring sooner than later.  It may be they would like to have me around for as long as possible and I am not allowing this.  I am not giving my family, my loved ones the opportunity to enjoy me for 21 more years, just 3 years.  Will they be angry with me when I die in 3 years?  Will they be sad?  Will their lives continue on without me?  They may be angry, they most likely will be sad for a time and yes their lives will continue on without me.

8 thoughts on “My Life My Way

    • Thanks Lynz and I agree, we live our lives our best. I was reluctant to write this post because some readers may disagree with me due to my bad behaviors shortening my life. But the point is our lives are different for all of us and are short – so why not live them they we want to live them and not the way others think we should live them. Thanks for reading and being loyal, I really do appreciate you.

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  1. Now if your Italian, they believe that you would add years to your life because you drink…especially if your drinking red wine…LOL I believe you live till its your time….so kick up your heels and have fun….

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    • I agree with you – there is some calendar out there somewhere that has a date with our name on it. I will take your advice and have fun until that date arrives.
      Thanks for stopping by – have a great day! 🙂

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      • You too… it makes me sad to read your blog.. even though I know I mustn’t sound pious or patronizing.. because I happen to think you are worth more.. and ought to live longer.. and then I suddenly laugh at that thought.. who is going to tell ME that?
        I am never judgmental or moralistic.. but you know what? I would like to see you last more than the three years or the eleven years you have mentioned.. I hope you do 🙂 …
        Have a good day, you too..

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