Love the one you’re with

Are there songs you really like because of the beat and the rhythm or the band and the singer or all the above?  One song I really like is called ‘Love the One You’re With’, which naturally is from the 1970s.

Some songs I like are due to the beat and rhythm and it is not until much later that I actually really hear the words of the songs.  This is one of those songs that I actually listened to the words – within the past couple of weeks – even though I have been listening to this song since the 1970s.  I decided to write a post about this song with the thinking there was profound meaning from the lyrics.  Here are the lyrics for the first verse and chorus –

If you’re down and confused

And you don’t remember who you’re talking to,

Concentration slips away

Cause you’re baby is so far away

Well there’s a rose in the fisted glove

And the eagle flies with the dove

And if you can’t be with the one you love honey

Love the one you’re with, Love the one you’re with,

Love the one you’re with, Love the one you’re with.

Well, I do not find a profound meaning here – it just appears that it is ok to love the one you’re with even though the one you love is not with you.  I still do like the beat and rhythm of the song.

Let’s take a different route, shall we?

There is a novel titled ‘Love The One You’re With’ by Emily Giffin about women and the choices that define them.  Here are some quotes from that book –

“Maybe that’s what it all comes down to. Love, not as a surge of passion, but as a choice to commit to something, someone, no matter what obstacles or temptations stand in the way. And maybe making that choice, again and again, day in and day out, year after year, says more about love than never having a choice to make at all.”

“…love is the sum of our choices, the strength of our commitments, the ties that bind us together.”

“Change can be good but its always tough to let go of the past”

“True love is supposed to make you into a better person-uplift you.”

“Love as a verb. Love as a commitment. ”

So it may be the song does have a profound meaning, or not profound to me, but the book does.  Here is what I get from the book –

My love is a choice to commit to everyday no matter the obstacles or temptations, and the sum of this choice binds us together.  I will let go of the past and this true love will make me a better person and I will love this person with the commitment to love him because he is here in my life.  I love the one I’m with.  Love the one you’re with!

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