Gremlins and their ‘stuff’

I wrote in several posts about the transition my partner and I are taking, to move on to the next chapter in our lives.  My post ‘Blog Site, Posts & Live Transitions’ includes information about a physical move we are planning for next year.  One goal for this move is to downsize our home resulting in having less ‘stuff’.  untitledIn preparation for the downsizing in ‘stuff’, we are planning a couple of garage sales in the next couple of months and most likely additional garage sales next spring.

We have a 3800 sq. ft. home with a great deal of ‘stuff’; OMG!  Where did it come from?  Why do we have ‘stuff’ that we do not use any longer and some ‘stuff’ that has never been used?  I do not have the answers, I think some gremlin shows up in the middle of the night and stores their ‘stuff’ in drawers, closets, attics, cabinets, and where ever else the gremlins can find.  It could not have been us that stored this ‘stuff’ or I would remember.

Back in 2009, the New York Times ran an article which highlighted the following –

The United States now has 2.3 billion square feet of self-storage space. (the self-storage association notes that, with more than seven square feet for every man, woman and child, it’s now “physically possible that every American could stand — all at the same time — under the total canopy of self-storage roofing.”)

Fifty percent of [self-storage] renters are now simply storing what won’t fit in their homes — even though the size of the average American house had almost doubled in the previous 50 years, to 2,300 square feet.

By 2007, a full 15 percent of customers told the self-storage association they were storing items that they “no longer need or want.” It was the third-most-popular use for a unit and was projected to grow to 25 percent of renters the following year.

“Human laziness has always been a big friend of self-storage operators,” says Derek Naylor, president of the consultant group storage marketing solutions. “Because once they’re in, nobody likes to spend all day moving their stuff out of storage. As long as they can afford it, and feel psychologically that they can afford it, they’ll leave that stuff in there forever.”

This article was written in 2009; I can only image how these numbers have increased.  My goodness the ‘stuff’ we like to have and not let go of.  Why is this?  I do not have the answer to the question.  I am thankful I do not have a storage unit – as I do not want to spend all day moving the ‘stuff’ out of storage. images1 I am thankful we are taking the effort to downsize and get rid of the ‘stuff’ and I hope in our new smaller home those gremlins do not show up again with their ‘stuff’.

11 thoughts on “Gremlins and their ‘stuff’

  1. If not for my incapacity to move things physically out, i would have dumped a lot of things by now.. irony is, my wife pestered me to get rid of all the junk years ago and I did not listen to her.. Now when I want to do it, I cannot 🙂

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      • Still waiting for someone to come around and help me.. but it is going to be a long process.. It is weird, but I also get upset if someone else decides what to throw or not.. 😀 Like I said, quirky.. I have to do it myself.. some day soon, I shall 🙂

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  2. I got rid of most of my furniture, crockery and things when my husband died. But there is still much more lying about and I am dreading it. I am one of the hoarders who can’t let things go. I keep accumulating stuff.
    Good move you are doing what is needing to be done.

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