Forgotten Memories

As I continue to become older – I too am becoming more forgetful – I too increase in memory loss.

It is not just the daily forgetfulness but also the forgetfulness of the memories.  Those memories of the distant past are forgotten until a reminder brings them back or the reminder reminds me that the memory is gone and not to be remembered again.

There is very good information on the internet about forgetfulness, memory loss, Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  At my current age of 55 I do not believe I fit into the Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease categories.  My forgetfulness and loss memories I believe are the natural progression of aging.  Yes I am aware my drinking habit does not help – I am sure the alcohol is killing brain cells. has an article that explains the way information is encoded in our brain affects the ability to remember it.  If not encoded affectively, we will likely forget to remember it.  It goes on to say information may also be forgotten simply because we have not thought about it in a long time.

So it is not that I am just forgetful in the definition of the word – I am losing the ability to remember my memories.

If you follow my continuing posts ‘Thoughts From Years Past’, the words I wrote 11 years ago.  I thought I had lost this documentation and was happy to find it when looking a couple of months ago for other documentation I have not found – yet!  When I read this documentation I wrote in 2004, it brought back memories I had forgotten about.  Some of these memories of events in my life were significate and I thought to myself “How could I have forgotten that?”  Interesting how the filing of memories works sometimes.  So these memories that came back to me when reading my documents were still filed away in my brain and needed a reminder to be retrieved again.  I guess this is why we have pictures and videos and mementos and diaries and documentation; to help retrieve the forgotten memories.

I am thankful the memories are still there, though I wish they were not forgotten memories.

And though I am forgetting some memories and will continue to forget memories – I want to say thanks for the memories.

15 thoughts on “Forgotten Memories

  1. You are not old!! I’m 54 myself, so I know!!
    Yep, my alcoholism has caused memory loss. Now I keep all my calendars, which I use as mini
    Diaries. I sure hope that helps me recall things later.
    Hopefully we can both figure out how to mentally retrieve our files better!

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  2. It’s all perspective (the what is ‘old’ and what is not)…your brain stores EVERYTHING (it’s truly a computer)…so nothing is ‘lost’..but the neural circuitry that connects us to specific thoughts and memories can be broken. At least that’s what the doctors say. It’s sort of overwhelming to think that every thought and action is recorded in there…sort of causes mental claustrophobia for me personally. The drinking doesn’t help, but you’re a mature man and can make your own call on that…we all do things that are unhealthy for us and it’s more the learning to deal with the consequences of our actions. It’s not good, but if it makes you happy…(isn’t that an old lyric to some song or other?)

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  3. Yes, as the years pass I have found myself forgetting memories. My daughters will say during a conversation…..”Do you remember when…….Mom?” And I have to say “No”. They get their frowns in place and mention they can’t believe I have forgotten such memories. The truth is, I have discovered, during deep contemplation….that sometimes what is important to one person to remember is not as important to the other. We choose our own thoughts and sometimes a little reminder comes along and it instantly pops up like yesterday…….oh yes, I remember that day, that time, that memory. Don’t beat yourself up…..some of it is age. I have 65 years “of stuff” lodged in my brain……it’s no wonder I can’t remember it all. Hahahaha Hugs 🙂

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  4. Oh brother… I am a few years younger, but I feel older. .and I feel the same things.. and yes, that too, the grey cells are also dying quicker for the same reason…
    An older me would look at me and say, such a pity, you are ruining your life and that beautiful mind.. you can never get it back again.. and while I am not as wise as my fictitious older self, I see and I still do not see..
    There is a latin saying from Ovid that I am so fond of quoting, but never follow myself nor take any lessons from – Video meliora, proboque, deteriora sequor. (I see and approve the good path, but always choose the bad)..

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    • I do not necessary look at myself as wasting my mind. I do like to read and learn, which I think is a good thing for my mind; keeping it active. And I personally do feel wise – compared to younger people who have yet to experience some aspects of life.

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      • No, I don’t feel wise at all.. as I grow older I feel a little more foolish and a lot more immature.. and I begin to feel ashamed that there is so little I really know.. When I was young, I was cocky and thought I knew everything.. the more I learn and the more I study, the less confident I feel..
        While that is not such a bad thing.. I also feel miserable that I can never stop or finish learning ever.. forever a student and never the master..

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  5. I am 58 and I have noticed that I cannot remember things either, I am a few years older, but come on its 58….I do mind games to keep my self sharp…and I used to play a game how many phone numbers can I remember but with my cell phone I don’t even need to remember phone numbers….I have found that some of the post on different blogs have zapped my mind and has been bring back memories that I hadn’t thought of in years…so that’s a bonus for me… I often wonder if all my years of pot smoking has affected my mind…even though I haven’t smoked in 7 years…I am not a drinker, and then I wonder if the dementia that runs in my family is starting to take a toll…or is it that the older we get the more we loose…of our brain…hummm good post…

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