Formula for a post

On the anniversary of the start of my blog, every 13th of each month – I try to do something different other than my usual post.  For my 4 month anniversary post I decided to write a post based on a formula.

Here is the formula –

In sequential order of my posts, starting with the first one (excluding posts related to blog awards), I selected the corresponding word – Example: 1st post – 1st word in that post, 2nd post – 2nd word in that post, 3rd post – 3rd word in that post, etc. (Okay this took some time – but I did it – if you don’t believe me, you are welcome to reread all my posts and find the corresponding words – LOL – yea, that’s what I thought.)  I have written 126 posts including this one, so this post has 124 words.  Two of my posts  titled ‘Quotes & Images’ & ‘nine-eleven’ had mainly images and a small number of words in those posts – instead, I selected an image from those posts.

Now take those words in any order and create the first sentence or paragraph to begin this post or in my case write a poem.  If you have followed me for a while, this poem may make some sense.  If it does not, you are welcome to comment on what you think this poem is about.  It was a little tough to write due to the specific words I had to work with, but here are my results, my poem –


Those waking years way from a small child I had documented feelings with times of death, an inner sleep.

Mindfulness to end even proceeding with a chapter; a term was a clue.

What anxiety really hired my symptoms?

My habits grow affected, why?

Simply thinking and assumption make rocking rest, but the muscles due reprise on.

Get over an issue; to drink some alcohol.

From 1964 – same city – a 2nd location – in the 70s – in retiring – day – AM; still so aware,

The mist in my mind had released away this profound file.

To phone you, anyone, because this movement started in a way my want and basis we all have.

Okay, our celebrated song – to write and post.

images10 - Copy

7 thoughts on “Formula for a post

    • Thank you! When I decided to do this and seeing the specific words I had to work with, I had some concern. I kept moving the words around until it made some sense. I appreciate you taking the time today to read my post. Hope you are having a good day. 🙂


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