I wrote in my post ‘Thoughts From Years Past’ the following –

Of the written form, I have my ‘Book of Writing’ that is bounded by an old shabby green school binder and written by me in 4th grade.  Yes me in 4th grade – about 46 years ago.  My ‘Book of Writing’ is stored in a box in storage and with some effort in the coming months; I will retrieve it and share some of my stories.  Stay tuned, more on this in the future.

I write in this post today –

I have found that ‘Book of Writing’, and will be sharing some stories I wrote 46 years ago in future posts.  I searched for it a couple of months ago when beginning this blog.  Upstairs in our home is a large storage area and I knew it was there waiting for retrieval.  On my original search I knew of a container that I was sure the ‘Book of Writing’ was located – it was not there.  However I did find other treasures I have not seen in many years.  These treasures consisted of pictures of my sons when they were very young, pictures of past relationships, my son’s high school graduation announcements and programs.  I also found my son’s school report cards, newspaper articles about my sons, old greeting cards, my divorce papers, and the list goes on.

treasure1Are these pictures, newspaper articles, legal documents, school documents and greeting cards important?  Do they need to be kept, thrown away or given away?  What should I do with these treasures?

The pictures of my past relationships I most likely should throw away, after all these relationships are of long ago and all ending badly – but there were some good times.  I most likely will never see these people again and have no reason to see them again.  But these relationships impacted me, shaped me in to who I am today and the pictures serve as a reminder of this.  But then again, it really serves no purpose to hold on to these pictures.

What about the legal documents?  I have my divorce papers from almost 25 years ago – important documents, but do I really need to hang on to them?  Who would care about them other than me?

The most important treasures are those related to my sons, the pictures, the school related material, the newspaper clippings; these are the most important items.  But do my sons really care about them?  They have significance and are important to me; therefore I cannot throw these treasures away.  Are they important to my sons; I ask again, do my sons really care about them?

Someday I will give to my sons these treasures I have of them and they can choose to keep them or throw them away.  I am unsure if the younger generation today understands the importance of keepsakes; those items from the past that the older generation considers treasures.Keepsake1

9 thoughts on “Treasures

  1. I have boxes like that…however I was glad I kept my divorce papers….I needed dates off of them for my marriage to my currents husband, man that sounds like I go through husbands like candy…LOL I have been married twice before….this is my last marriage…I know never say never, but it is….I also have pictures of past realtionships…as I come across them I toss them…they really hold no power over me and these men I have never given a second thought, even though at that moment they were the most important man in my life…crazy…..I too also keep cards and have several containers filled with them….who knows why, I should go through and cut the cover picture off and take them to a school so the kids can use them in collages….at least I could play it forward and re use them for beauty…I have every note and card my kids have ever given to me…I have a box started for each one of them…maybe right now if I asked they would say, mom why on earth are you keeping those…but after I am gone and they are going through the rubble I have left, they will come across these boxes full of love….I am hoping they are touched as much as they touched me with the items….very though evoking post…I am going to go get those cards and donate the pictures this week to a school thanks for the gentle push I needed o do that…kat

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  2. When I went through my parents things, I found one of my dad’s old report cards. I kept it. I thought it was pretty cool. I also kept one of mine that I found. It was interesting to see how the grading system has changed over the years.

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