Selling Gremlin’s Stuff

images1In my post ‘Gremlins and their stuff’, I wrote about the preparations to downsize as my partner and I are planning a move next year to a smaller home.  This past weekend was the first of several garage sales to start the task of minimizing the stuff that has been collected over the years. has fun facts about garage sales I thought I would pass on –

National Garage Sale day is always the second weekend in August – I was unaware there was a National Garage Sale day, did you know this?

World’s longest garage sale spans 690 miles along highway 127 from Michigan to Alabama – Really?  Are there any readers living near highway 127 that can verify this?

Weekly Yard Sale Facts

165,000 yard sales – I am honored to be included in this fact for this past week.

690,000 people making purchases – I feel they were all at our garage sale this past weekend.

4,967,500 items sold – I am glad we did not have this much stuff.

4,222,375 total revenue – We did not make quite this much, but were close. 🙂

0.85 overall estimated price – Really?

Check out the website for additional interesting facts and the evolution of the yard sale or garage sale, whatever you want to call it.

Our garage sale was typical, sold some stuff, did not sale some stuff, ending in we got rid of some stuff, made some money – nothing too exciting about this event.

As a result of not selling everything, we decided to have another garage sale this coming weekend, ugh!

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