Thoughts From Years Past.15

Another documented ‘Thoughts From Years Past’ that reflects what was going on in my life at a particular time.  My post ‘I want to write a book‘ describes my desire to write a book and several times in the past started this process, without proceeding very far. In my post ‘Thoughts From Years Past.14’, I ended with ‘This state of mind was the stage setting for a dramatic play, a play that was to unfold with the births of my boys.  ’

The following documentation is a continuation of those pages.

Thoughts I wrote from September, 2004 – (unedited from original writing)

My first son was born in 1982, one week after my wife and I celebrated our 4th anniversary.  I knew before that day that a boy would be brought into this world.  Right after we received the news mom was pregnant I saw a falling star one night.  I made a wish that night that all my kids would be boys.  Sounds kind of corny I know, but my wish came true.  Back during those days, dad was present in the operating room when the baby was born by C-section.  I was nervous and excited at the same time; the typical emotions of a new father.  Mom had an epidural and was awake to experience the big event.  With knowing a baby was being brought into this world I had no concerns about what was happening.  Watching as the doctor cut her abdomen and then her uterus had no effect on me.  The water began gushing out and I knew the time had arrived.  As the doctor placed his hands in mom’s womb I could feel the sense of anticipation overtake my body.  Slowing moving his arms upward, his hands begin to appear holding the head of a baby.  I knew immediately by seeing the head it was a boy, there was no need to see the rest of the body.  It was an amazing experience I would be blessed to participate in two more times.  As I carried the first born to the nursery from the operating room I was gleaming.  Waiting on the other side of the nursery window were aunts and uncles and the proud grandparents.  The bundle of joy overall was healthy.  He had an infection that required a spinal tap be performed.  As frightened as his mom and I were, the procedure was completed without incident and he overcame complications.  After several days, mom and baby were doing well and it was time to go home.

….to be continued….

(more about my sons in this post: My 3 Sons)

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